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Where can i buy baby jeeter infused-Honeydew?

Where can i buy baby jeeter infused-Honeydew?

Infused Jeeter Premium outdoor floral prerolls are infused with cannabis oil. It comes in various flavors.

Do baby Jeeters get you high?
Jeeters infused prerolls are an incredible trio of cannabis magics. Indoor flowers combine well with extract oils and generous sprinkles of kief. When smoking marijuana two supercharged versions of cannabis are added to the flowers resulting in heightened highs.

What strain is honeydew?
It’s a descendant of Dirty Alt, SOG, Super Silver Haze, and Appalachias. Heads uplifts will leave you creatively enthralled with the energy. You’ll notice a strong Melon Candy scent with a mixture of flowers notes in this warm greenbud containing orange pistils.

Stimulating effects
Currently, there are many different types of mini rolls available on the market. While some are indica-dominant, others are sativa-dominant. There are also those that are a mix of both. However, what sets Honeydew Baby Jeeters apart is that it is a sativa-dominant mini roll coated with oil and rolled in kief.

This makes it the perfect strain for an afternoon activity or creative outlet. The sativa domination in this mini roll provides stimulating effects that can help you be more creative. Additionally, the oil coating adds to the already beneficial effects of a sativa-dominant mini roll. And finally, the rolled in kief helps to relax you while also providing a pleasant taste.

All of these factors combine to make Honeydew Baby Jeeters the perfect mini roll for those looking for a stimulating and creative experience.

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